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Hello and welcome to my site, I hope you find it informative funny and financially beneficial.

My name is Calley Sprague


Calley Sprague

I have been working on websites now for a couple years part time, I learned how and got support and continue to through Wealthy Affiliate.

I came across bitcoin a little over a year ago and I enjoy getting free stuff, and when I realized the access to bitcoins for doing a variety of things if your interested in looking at those options you can check out.

Free Bitcoins

Great place to go to learn where to starI Livet collecting cryptocurrency

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, where I grew up if your interested in seeing some of my photography and checking out how I enjoy this river city and learn more about me you can check out Jax River Life

Hope you enjoy my page, please do not spam or advertise on my site if you want to share bitcoin or Cryptocurrency experiences feel free but know that links will not be allowed and be edited out.  You can reach out to me at  https://www.facebook.com/FREEbitcoinHUB I will not be making a facebook page for this site.

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